We can erect a range of fencing solutions to suit agricultural fencing, farm, & equestrian sites.

Our agricultural fencing contractors have been involved in the fitting of continuous estate boundaries, paddock fencing, horse fencing, farm fencing and parkland fencing too.

Protect your machinery, livestock, horses and grounds with Advanced Fencing.

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agricultural fencing

Estate Fencing

A traditional estate fencing can be used to create a continuous boundary fence in parklands, estates, and grounds.

Available in various heights with matching gates, steel estate fencing is harder wearing than typical morticed timber fencing and, in most cases, is better suiting with the character and appeal of the grounds.

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morticed timber fencing

Morticed Post & Rail Fencing

Morticed fencing is common in agricultural and equestrian fencing. A cheaper material than steel, Morticed timber can slot rails together with their post, to be erected much quicker than estate fencing. It can be used comprehensively as farm fencing, equestrian fencing, field fencing and for any other agricultural needs

Set in concrete foundations, and made from treated timber, the posts are sturdy to withstand day-to-day weathering and function well to enclose livestock and horses.

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    Cheaper Materials

  • advanced fencing round embelm black

    Quicker to put together

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    Treated Timber


Livestock Fencing / Stock Wire Fencing

An easy to install farm fencing that is hard to climb. The wire netting comes in various length. Once the wooden stakes are in place for the boundary, the wire netting can be rolled out to be attached to each stake, forming a wire fence that can be topped with barbed wire.

These fences are most commonly used in agricultural settings to protect and enclose livestock and horses. We provide a wide variety of farm fencing and farm enclosures also.


Rabbit netting

Rabbit netting is ideal for keeping rabbits, foxes and other woodland creatures out of fields and farmlands. Secure your flower beds and vegetables from pesky invaders while maintaining a clear view of your land.

This particular agricultural farm fencing is commonly used in rural areas and can be fixed to existing fencing or attached with new poles.


Otter fencing

Keep otters out and protect valuable fish populations. Areas such as angling lakes are high-level targets for otters which can severely disrupt the amount of fish.

Otter fencing can prevent unwanted guests from burrowing underneath as well as climbing over the top.


equestrian fencing

Equestrian Fencing

Choose from a whole host of equestrian/horse fencing solutions including riding arenas, paddock fencing, post & rail fence and gates, light electric fencing, and more for your horse fencing and enclosures.

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